Get involved

Many thanks for your interest in the DESDEO framework. We are looking for researchers to become part of our core research team.

The DESDEO framework is an open source project for interactive multiobjective optimization methods. It contains implementations of several interactive methods and reusable components that can be utilized to implement new methods or modifying the existing ones. The main goal of this project is to increase awareness of the benefit of interactive methods and make them easily available and applicable.

We value contributions from other researchers, in the form of refinements or adding new methods to our existing framework.

Researchers: we welcome your contributions

The DESDEO framework is a free and open source Python-based project and released under a permissive open source license, meaning that any researcher can help out if they know how to contribute.

Current source code: GitHub

How to get started:

There are plenty of ways to contribute:

  1. Develop code:

    • If there is a particular interactive method,

    • If there is a particular issue (bug, enhancement or feature request from the GitHub issue tracker),

    • If you have a new approach, you'd like to work on, let us know. Details can be seen in the documentation and in this seminar talk.

  2. Give feedback:

    • Share your experiences if you used the DESDEO framework

    • If you've found some bugs or something wrong on our framework, just send us an email.

  3. Share your ideas:

    • We are actively developing interactive methods, and we take suggestions from other researchers very seriously. Let us know if you have an idea, and we'll put your ideas on our list for discussion.
  4. Visit us:

    • We are always glad to welcome you as a visiting researcher to our group. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to attend our weekly seminars, meetings, and planning for the future of the DESDEO framework. If you're interested in visiting us, please contact Professor Kaisa Miettinen who is the head of our research group.