DESDEO 1.0 has been released! – June 17, 2020

The first release version of DESDEO, version 1.0, has been released. See the "Software" section of this webpage for further details. We warmly invite anyone interested to try out the framework, give their feedback, and contribute to the project! There is still a lot to do, and many details to be ironed out. This is only the beginning of the project!

Posted by Giovanni Misitano

NAUTILUS Navigator demo online! – April 21, 2020

NAUTILUS Navigator has been implemented in DESDEO. A web-based UI can also be found online to test the method. You can find the demo here:

Posted by Giovanni Misitnano

Development of desdeo-mcdm module has begun – March 19, 2020

The development of interactive multi-objective optimization methods for the desdeo-mcdm module has begun. Upcoming methods include: Synchronous NIMBUS, NAUTILUS, and E-NAUTILUS. The methods will be available by the end of April.

Posted by Giovanni Misitano

Website is up – Feb. 6, 2020

The new DESDEO website has been launched on the World Wide Web.

Posted by Giovanni Misitano