DESDEO is an open source software framework for interactive multiobjective optimization methods. It contains both scalarization based and evolutionary methods.

The framework is meant for both simulation-based and data-driven problems. It contains different surrogate models and is currently being extended for various data-driven problems including uncertainty considerations. Among others, machine learning tools are utilized in different phases of solution processes. In addition, elements of graphical user interfaces and visualizations are ~~also present~~ under construction.

The framework is divided into modular packages, implemented in python and R, with well-defined purposes. The modularity makes it easier to add new methods, while ensuring cross-compatibility between methods.

The packages currently under development within the DESDEO framework are:

Any of these packages can be installed using poetry or pip:
pip install <package name>
poetry install <pacakge name>

alt text

The modular structure of the DESDEO framework.

Legacy code

The old version of DESDEO, which is no longer maintained, can be found here alongside with its documentation